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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marquette Puts up 30 Spot on OSU

In the 2nd round of the Maui Invitational, Marquette beat up Oklahoma State 91-61, in a game that saw Marquette shooting 11-16 (69%) from 3 point land and 52% over-all. MU stole the ball 12 times, Jerel McNeal hit 20 points, DJ with 18, outrebounded OSU by 15, Ooze with 10 rebounds himself, 5 guys in double figures.

In short: Wow. This was one 40 minute highlight reel. When Trend, Hazel, and Brice get in the game for more than a couple minutes, you know you've had a good game.

DJ's play deserves additional mention. He went 4-6 from 3 point land and did so with utter confidence, pulling up with authority and knocking them down.

Marquette will take on the winner of the Duke/Illinois game at 9pm CST on ESPN Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

Hats off to Marquette. Congratulations team. Now do in Duke again (or maybe Illinois).

Anonymous said...

That was a great 40 minutes of basketball. The up tempo style really suits MU's strengths.

I was really happy to see Acker play 16 minutes and make a contribution. He is going to be a vital component off the bench before the year is done.

--Epstein's Mother

Anonymous said...

Sorry to beat a pathetic subject but I am a proud Marquette grad 24/7. Basketball is pure entertainment. These are just young adults playing for our entertainment. If they have a bad game, hey they are only human. The criticism I have seen in my opinion is way out of line. Now go beat up Duke! Go Marquette!

Anonymous said...

That's the way MU needs to play -- dictating tempo and putting its strength (guards)to work. I love the aggressive D.

Anonymous said...

The team looked great - even better than in the Duke game of a year ago.

I still think that Wes needs to step up and lead even more. He is highly efficient and a great player, he needs to take a bigger role and more shots. Add a little of Jerel's agressiveness to Wes and you have a problem for opponents. (no complaints about his current performance)

Lets bowl a turkey in Maui this year.