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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Marquette to Get Volume Discount for Arthroscopic Surgeries

Mr. Basketball Wisconsin, freshman Scott Christoperson, will miss an undetermined amount of time following knee surgery Saturday morning.

Scott underwent arthroscopic surgery to his right knee Saturday to repair a pre-existing injury to his meniscus. He will begin the rehabilitation process immediately and is expected to return in 2007-08.

"We felt surgery at this time was the best option for Scott, not only for this season, but his long-term future as well" Crean said in a release.

Ouch! First Mbakwe, now Christoperson. One more, and MU gets a free set of steak knives at the Surgery Center.

The release suggests Scott will be back this season, although the debate will rage on whether he should red-shirt, since he hasn't played in any regular season games yet.


Anonymous said...

dammit, crean needs to tone down those practices.

TB said...

"dammit, crean needs to tone down those practices"

yeah. Especially since Scott's injury occurred while he was in high school.

good grief

Anonymous said...

Seems like a no brainer now for Scott to redshirt this season.