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Monday, November 17, 2008

AOL FanHouse Previews Marquette

The folks at AOL FanHouse contacted Cracked Sidewalks about doing a season preview. They selected the ranking, but our own Tim Blair did the writeup.

The format is also interesting. Here is the permalink for the writeup. If I believed in polls or rankings as anything more than a forum for publicity, I'd say that their selection of Marquette is too low. I might even make a snarky comment that Chas Rich is a Pitt fan (from Pitt Blather). This ranking is even from before the recent injuries.

However, it's still another Marquette preview and nice to get some Marquette publicity. Congrats and nice job, Tim.


Unknown said...

Actually, I had Marquette ranked #17.

The final rankings came from the aggregate of all members of the AOL CBB FanHouse.

Rob Lowe said...

Hey Chas - well, thanks for YOUR vote of confidence on Marquette. I hope you appreciate the joke.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Unknown said...


Yes, I took it as a joke.

But really, as a Pitt/Big East guy I expect to be accused of overvaluing Marquette. After all, it makes Pitt look better to be in the conference with that many teams ranked as high as possible. Especially in the preseason.