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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Marquette to appear on ESPN Full Court 14 times in 2008-09

Marquette will appear on ESPN Full Court 14 times in 2008-09. 11 of the games are home games while 3 games are on the road. Ten of the 14 contests are Big East conference games.

Mon 11/17/08 8:00 PM Chicago State @ Marquette
Tue 11/25/08 8:00 PM Texas Southern @ Marquette
Tue 12/2/08 8:00 PM Central Michigan @ Marquette
Fri 12/19/08 8:30 PM Western Carolina @ Marquette
Sun 1/4/09 2:00 PM Cincinnati @ Marquette
Wed 1/7/09 7:30 PM Marquette @ Rutgers
Sat 1/10/09 12:00 PM West Virginia @ Marquette
Sat 1/31/09 2:00 PM Georgetown @ Marquette
Tue 2/3/09 9:00 PM Marquette @ DePaul
Fri 2/6/09 7:00 PM Marquette @ South Florida
Sat 2/14/09 9:00 PM St. John's @ Marquette
Tue 2/17/09 8:00 PM Seton Hall @ Marquette
Sat 2/21/09 4:00 PM ST. JOHN'S @ MARQUETTE
Sat 3/7/09 2:00 PM Syracuse @ Marquette


Rob Lowe said...

hey Chicos,

Is this only the Full Court games? In other words, are the other ESPN or national TV games also on the tube somewhere too?

muwarrior92 said...

These are only Full Court games. Gomarquette.com has a listing of other games available.

Friarblog.com said...

Where did you find the whole schedule? I can't seem to find it for other teams anywhere

Anonymous said...

Where did you find this mythical full court schedule? ESPN is so shady about announcing it.