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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Player Video v2008 .. Pray

In case you missed it, this is the video that was released during Marquette Madness, and is played before games:


HoopsMalone said...

do they still show the old highlights too?

Unknown said...

Jerel McNeal looks like an ax murderer at the end when he says "Pray". Cold blooded.

Karen said...

This reminds me that I need to e-mail someone at Marquette because there is a TYPO on the text that appears on the ring around the Bradley Center. Here's the wrong text:

Don’t let the 90 acres fool you.
They span a far greater area then (s/b THAN) that.

As a Marquette Journalism grad, this drives me CRAZY!!!