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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marquette Sports Wiki Turns Two

Two years ago, the MU Wiki was born. After one year, there were 579 pages of Marquette Sports goodness.

A year later? We've doubled it to an amazing 1,206 pages. That's fantastic. Now sure, some of those pages are stubs, waiting for someone like you to come along and fill it up. But it's still pretty damn respectable.

Credit goes out to a number of volunteers who've spent many hours adding content to the wiki so that you have a MU sports encyclopedia at your finger tips: gwaki, SoCalwarrior, bma725, OldWarrior81, shaquillvaine, rocky_warrior, 77ncaachamps, bleedbluegold03, spartan3186, MU Chi_IL and a host of others who've edited a few pages here and there.

Here's the top pages over the past few months:

Want to know who is walking on the sidelines?
Other pages:

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