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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Sunday, April 06, 2008

DeCourcy updates: Buzz Williams called back from San Antonio

Mike DeCourcy, who last week provided exclusive insight into MU's search for a new head basketball coach, today reports that Buzz Williams has been called back from San Antonio to meet with university officials. According to a source cited in the report, Williams has a 'great chance' to replace Tom Crean.

In addition, current MU Board of Trustees member Doc Rivers somewhat endorsed Williams' candidacy in this report from the AP.

"Buzz wouldn't be a bad guy," said Rivers, a former Marquette player and current university trustee. "He'd be terrific. But they're going to interview a lot of guys, which they're already doing. We'll see."
Talk about it at MUScoop.


Championships Matter said...

I hope they know what they are doing. No shot at Buzz as I hope he is the real thing, but with the facilities and budgets we have, we should be able to attract a "name."

I'm afraid we have another "Hank" in the making. One good year, one mediocre year and then off the national radar -- again. I hope I am wrong, but the parallel is too exact.

One also hopes Marquette isn't going "cheap" on this one.

Nathan said...

we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a mid-major....

remember when DePaul was in the NCAAS with a young up and comer coach who bailed to the ACC and they made a brutal hire of a no-name? god, thats us now...

Unknown said...

DePaul's "brutal no name hire" has been out recruiting Marquette for 3 years. If their big freshman comes back next year, they're going to be a handful!

Anonymous said...

The game was Erin Monfre's best, and she gave a heck of an interview about the game and her Mom.