"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, April 04, 2008

Here is what we know

What a wild week........as of 3:15pm CDT on Friday afternoon, here is what we think we know is going on since Tom Crean 'went Irsay' on Marquette University back on April Fools Day.

Right now, if we trust the collective wisdom of The Internets (and who wouldn't!?), then the top three most likely candidates would appear to be Buzz Williams, Brian Gregory, and Brad Brownell.

Who is your preferred candidate from among that group?


bamamarquette1fan said...

Gosh, if you'd asked me halfway through the season about Dayton's coach I would have been intruged - they really caught my attention winning at Louisville and blowing out Pittsburgh to get to 14-1. However, they just absolutely imploded after that, and obviously it turned out Louisville and Pitt were just beat up. As you can tell I'm a glass half-full guy, but I'd really have to learn to understand that hire.

Oliver said...

I don't like any of these choices, but Williams is the best of the three. Gregory is mediocre and Brownell has never been a part of a big-time program.

I am probably biased, but I thought Marquette would be able to attract someone with more weight. I would rather get an assistant from a big program than a head coach from a small school. At least the assistant would have a taste of what it takes to succeed in the big time.

Demond Sanders said...

I really like this blog. Really strong stuff.

My personal choice would be Brad Brownell. Like you said, he was rumored to be very high on Indiana's list. Most Hoosier fans seemed to be pleased (although not necessarily wowed) by Brownell. His body of work speaks for itself at Wilmington and Wright State.

I'd be shocked if there was any truth to the Gregory rumor.

Championships Matter said...

With all the money, facilities, conference and shape of the program, this is the best we can do? I don't buy it and never will.

The one string in the Dayton report is that all the guys are from the Dayton area. Provincialism, maybe? Perhaps coaches sending an expression of interest?

$1.5 million smackeroos says we can do better.

Unknown said...

7:30Pm on a Friday night. If they were gonna hire a putz or a second rate asst. they would have done so by now. Gotta be soemone big....hoping...

bamamarquette1fan said...

I just pray if we are recruiting someone big noone rejects us publicly. As bad as the sudden Crean departure was, I think to follow it up with a rejection would make a lot of people question if the program is really as attractive as we all think it is. Dominic James is my hero for stepping forward with the best post-Crean quotes - and the report that Jerel and Dominic are both leaning toward returning to prove Crean wrong - that Marquette is the best place for basketball - were a real pick me up.