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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Buzz, More Buzz

Buzz Williams was introduced today as the new head basketball coach at Marquette University.

If you missed the press conference, check these out:

OK, if all of this virtual Buzz is not enough for you --- why not check him out in-person this week at the Marquette Basketball Banquet?

Please click on this link to land over at the eBay auction for a pair of tickets to this sold out event. All proceeds go to a great cause -- Camp Anokijig, a non-profit youth and family camp located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Bid'em up and thanks for your support.


Gene Frenkle said...

The one thing about this hire is that to me it once again proves why some programs can, and other cannot afford to roll the dice.

In Crean, we had a consistent 20+ games won/year, rankings, a potential for an NCAA run, a packed and lively BC. But, we had one final four run in nine years and for some, that just wasn't enough. I realize that Crean didn't get canned, but...those that wanted him out got what they wanted ultimately.

That being, a shot to roll the dice. It's like the Matrix. If you had a Tom Crean in one hand, and in the other and unknown that just MIGHT take you further than Crean but could also bottom you out, would you choose to stay with Tom, or roll the dice and take your chances.

Well, with Crean leaving we all got to see what it's like to roll the dice. The Kansas' and UNC's and hell, the Indiana's of the world can afford to do that and recover. They have a 50-year old brand of achievement in basketball.

Other programs, like Marquette, cannot afford to roll the dice because the results are just too risky.

We just rolled the dice and came up I think we crapped out.

rugbydrummer said...


yeah it is not fun not being a Big Televen team, but heck, would you rather be one of them?? I'm glad I am here as a student, and basketball is the bonus for me. Yeah, every year i've whined that I should have gone to the school that won the NCAA, but, while expensive, MU i'm sure was better for me in the long run. I'd like to think that it means a little something more when bballers come here because we aren't a household name. Anyway, my point being that as not fair as the coaching choice seems, ultimately we can't change it no matter how much we belabor and bemoan the present. So... cheer up, and support your troops even if you don't prefer the commander in chief!

PS. So was TC the rabbit hole pill or FakeMatrixWorld pill? No matter-guess he was Agent Smith all along >_<

Gene Frenkle said...

RDrummer....touche. Nice post.

And now things being what they are, I think Buzz is reality pill, where we see things how they really are - MU not perceived to be much higher than Washington State. TC was our fantasy world.

As (almost always)..hope I wrong and that Buzz can keep three of the four recruits and Mbakwe.