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Friday, April 25, 2008

Marquette in pursuit of 6'9" Darius Morrow

Darius Morrow, a 6'9" 250 pound center/power forward from Georgia, was recently released from his LOI at South Carolina and is now deciding between Marquette, Auburn and ECU. Scout.com lists Morrow as a three-star prospect, and ESPN slots him in as the #30 power forward in the 2008 class.

Morrow, a back to the basket post player, led his Columbia High School (Decatur, GA) squad to the AAAA state title last month.

Check out the details/discussion on Morrow over at MUScoop.


Anonymous said...

Another 6'8" "big" man. Great.

Packer Pat said...

tvbrain - what would you recommend at this point??????
get the 6' 8 guy? Do nothing? Another guard?

At least there is an option here.
Haven't seen any video yet

Gene Frenkle said...

What is a "6'8" back-to-the-basket scorer"? I don't know what that looks like. I haven't seen one at the Bradley Center since 2003.

bamamarquette1fan said...

Hey, as much as I hated to lose Nick Williams, if we can trade a 3-star 6-foot-8 big guy in place of a 3-star 6-foot-4 guard, I'll take it.