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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joseph Fulce sticks with MU and more

"Everything's real good. I'm still going to Marquette," he said. "I'm excited, my family's excited. It's a great place for me, I'm going to get a great Jesuit education."

After a stretch of uncertainty with key recruits in the wake of the Buzz Williams hiring, Todd Rosiak once again puts fans' minds at ease today with a positive update on Joseph Fulce, the 6'6" combo forward from Tyler JC. Fulce remains an MU commit.

What's more, for the second time in as many days we're hearing from recruits and those close to them about how much they value a Jesuit education . Consider what John Harmatuck, Erik Williams' high school coach, said yesterday to the guys at the SportsBubbler:

“Erik’s parents really value a Jesuit education,” Harmatuk said. “Erik went to a Jesuit school (Strake Jesuit) as a freshman. His parents are very impressed with Marquette as a university, first and foremost.”

Not to mention what the hyper-talented Williams said himself at the SportsBubbler:

I committed to Marquette because of everything that it stands for and has to offer."

These comments above reflect the kinds of values many traditional students appreciate when they decide to attend Marquette University - -and its good to see future student-athletes recognize and value what differentiates MU.

Oh, by the way ...... Fulce and Williams can play. Check out this video of Fulce from his high school days in Plano when he led his team to the state title.

According to a blog on the Des Moines Register, Marquette is poised to gain a commitment from Jimmy Butler, a high-flying 6'6" guard/forward from Tyler JC. Like Fulce, Butler will have three years of eligibility remaining at a Division One program.

In addition, the Register reports that Scott Monarch has accepted an assistant coaching slot at MU. Monarch is currently an assistant coach at Tyler JC and was on Buzz Williams' staff at UNO. We'll await verification from MU.

Kudos to MUScoop for finding these gems.


Packer Pat said...

Great news again today and thanks for the updates.

Next all these negative posters will be saying we need to slow down the recruiting process and keep some slots open.

Fulce says Buzz "Coaching-wise, he has a good eye for the game."
That is what we need to hear and hopefully we'll see it next year and beyond. Indiana doesn't have that.

Gene F - I stand by Jamil committing to Marquette

Sam - you are too negative and Buzz has done a ton in one week.

I have moved on from the search and mentioned how I think things went down. Question: Would we still have gotten all these guys in the last two days if we extended our search and thought about a guy from Drake or other??????????

Marquette made its mark when they hired Buzz! Yes there's a lot of work to do but this is one helluva week.

Hunt said...

I have to admit it's really refreshing to hear guys talk about their education when making their decision on where to play basketball. It just feels like that part of the process is overlooked a lot. But these are the type of guys who will give their hearts and souls to the program and the school, and when they leave here with their degree in hand (and hopefully a bunch of NCAA wins behind them) they will be great representatives of the school and the program.

Congratulations Buzz - sounds like he's been busy!

Can anyone shed any light on Scott Monarch? This would be Buzz's first coaching assistant hire right?

Gene Frenkle said...

Don't know if we'd have gotten these guys w/a new coach. I say yes, but who cares, it's over now.

Also, I don't think Keno is such a huge upgrade over Buzz. Their resumes are very close to identical. Granted, Keno was National Coach of the Year during that year.

Anonymous said...

But wait...
Fulce signed a letter of intent with both Texas A&M and UNO! Given yesterday's contract discussion, shouldn't he have to fulfill those cotnracts first?

Gene Frenkle said...

Are you referring to ChampsMatter? Why, I'm sure that he'll have nothing but disdain for Fulce as he's just some young punk that didn't fulfill his obligation and his contract.

I mean, what right-minded MU fan would dare cheer on contract-breaking kid, much less welcome him to the university? How dare Buzz take this kid on as he's nothing but a contract breaking scumbag!

Championships Matter said...

Gene, did you go to Wisconsin or something? From the harshness of your last post, one must wonder whether you're a Badger, or worse yet, a domer (I won't capitalize that word... ever).

As to Fulce, I am assuming UNO exercised is discretionary authority from the contract and released him. That's within their right if he asks -- just as it is within Marquette's right to say "no" to Tyshawn.

I'm saying -- AGAIN -- that Marquette should exercise its discretionary authority to say "no." Then if our buddy Tyshawn wants to play ball for Crean University, he can, beginning with the 2009-2010 season.

To suggest I think Fulce is a punk is unfounded. I'm sure I'll cheer for him strongly at the BC next year. He'll realize the same thing Tyshawn will realize -- we're loveable!

Gene Frenkle said...
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