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Sunday, March 04, 2012

DJO Magic and Crowder nominated for national player of the week (vote here) for senior day 83-69 win over #12 Georgetown

We can't add much to the performance yesterday. While many teams lose in the emotion of senior day, DJO showed the magic inside moves around the trees and hit a feather shot trey from the parking lot, and Jae Crowder made the case for his third straight Big East Player of the Week award as he was nominated for ESPN's National Impact Player of the Week (vote here).

Enough said, the players did the talking this weekend. Here are the other three nominees who put up fantastic games this week. I know people often overlook that Jae is one of the best in the US at not turning it over, but just sayin':

Tyler Brown, G9 of 19 (3)55%4 of 461203225IllSt v Wich St
Jae Crowder, F8 of 15 (0)53%10 of 12143511326MU v Gtwn
Kendall Marshall, G7 of 15 (1)50%5 of 6410104120UNC v Duke
Jared Sullinger, F8 of 15 (0)53%6 of 8183024322OSU v NW

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