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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Associated Press preview (and more): Marquette - Hillsdale

Found in the Tuscaloosa News of all places -- but its a terrific preview especially consdering the lousy game we're likely to see. Tonight, Tom Crean's Marquette club will take on Hillsdale on Friday at the Bradley Center as the Warriors open the much-anticipated 2006-2007 season. With one of the best backcourts in the nation, a decided home court advantage, and a remarkably athletic roster, Marquette figures to be among the Big East and the nation's best this season. Time to play ball (and for fans going to the game tonight -- time for a schedule magnet as well)

"We can do amazing stuff when we're all together,'' Matthews said of last year's tournament appearance. ``We were kind of new to the whole experience, only having three seniors who'd been to the NCAA tournament, so it was kind of a culture shock."

In addition, GoMarquette.com previews Friday's tilt here. Tom Crean is looking for a different perspective from this year's squad:
"I think our whole focus in the off-season and preseason has been getting into the season. Our team can't play with a hunted mentality. They have to play with a hunter's mentality..........I don't think we are the typed of team that has talent and toughness from top to bottom yet where they can just come out and play through a bunch of mistakes in games. We are still really young and we don't have years of experience to fall back on. We have to have an incredible mentality in every game."
The Palladium-Item in Richmond, Indiana previews the MU season here. A nice job by Mike Bennett, who makes sure that Richmond's favorite son remains top of mind at home.

And the guys at MUScoop have a nice feature on their site -- click here to see a preview section that is full of links and resources.


Anonymous said...

This is on the signing of Scott Christopherson. Where will he fit in the rotation? I mean, we will have (assuming DJ is in the NBA) McNeal, Mathews, Cubillan, Acker, and Hayward in the backcourt. Where will Scott fit in, becasue everyone says hes good?

Anonymous said...

This will give you some idea about the game tonight: The Chargers' homepage, http://www.hillsdale.edu/Chargers/, lists today's games and this one isn't even listed on there. They want to forget it before it even happens.

I've got a bad feeling about the Idaho St. game. Smells like 2005 Winthrop all over again.

TB said...

Christopherson.....that's a good idea for a blog post, look for that soon.

Idaho State - - I think Northwestern State is a more likely speedbump for MU, but who knows at this point