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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Floored (A must read for college hoops fans)

I read this article last week in the Los Angeles Times and thought it might be something others would enjoy. It's worth 5 minutes of your time as Bill Plaschke writes about USC's new basketball court and the unlikely name that it bears...courtesy of an anonymous donor.

The anonymous donor is believed to be on the Forbes 100 list and worth more than $3 billion....not bad if you can get that kind of scratch.

Check out this story, quite a tribute.


Anonymous said...

what a great post. that story gives me goosebumps. such a listen in humility.

Anonymous said...

great article. i am a MU alum and a grad stuent at USC and didn't even know that. thanks for the post.

muwarrior92 said...

You are most welcome.

Anonymous said...

Great story - Thanks for the post. My guess it is #61 on the Forbes list.