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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Battle of the Marquette Transfers

For those of you keeping score at home, Karon Bradley, former MU player, now Wichita Shocker, beat Dameon Mason, former MU player, now LSU Tiger, 57-53.

This was a big road win for the #24 ranked Shockers who will certainly move up in the polls after beating #6 LSU. Mason eeked out 7 points in 33 minutes, while Bradley accounted for 11 points in 20 minutes off the bench, including the shot that put the Shockers ahead for good.

Karon's departure from Marquette was because he wanted more PT, and to be closer to home. Mason was a starter, plenty of PT, yet MU was coming off a rough year and Mason seemed to bolt for greener pastures, just like he did in High School, or so the story went. Of course, Marquette went on to a surprising 4th place finish in the Big East the very next year.

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Anonymous said...

Heckuva game that just finished between Kansas and Florida. I would've liked to have seen Brewer bury that tre to end the game (I guess my U of I friends' hate of Bill Self has rubbed off on me a bit), but it was still a great game nonetheless.

Where can we expect Marquette when the new polls are released? Six teams ahead of us (quick aside -- I'm sorry for using 'us' and 'we' with team sports, it's a habit) in the past week, but two were the top two teams in the country, who almost definitely won't fall past #13. It's more or less guaranteed we'll end up ahead of Memphis and Duke, but will we pass Wisconsin (ranked 7th) and maybe even LSU (6th)?