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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Season Tickets: Nice job

I got my season tickets last week. Ever see the movie Fever Pitch where Jimmy Fallon is a HUGE Red Sox fan, and the day he gets his season tickets is a momentous occasion? I'm not that crazed to kiss the FedEx man in my pajamas, but it's a fun day nonetheless.

Marquette did a nice job this year with the artwork. It celebrates the 90th anniversary of the program, and honors one player per game, starting with Bill Chandler, but including guys like Terry Rand, Whitehead, Tony Miller, Bill Cords, Bo Ellis, Earl Tatum, Hank Raymonds, Diener, Novak, and Wade.

And, thankfully, they trimmed the size of the tickets down to a double-wide. Last year's were pretty giant, requiring some serious foldage to get them into your pocket.

Also, I was surprised the front ticket came with a little note on the bottom (see left image). Probably just a 90th anniversary note of some sort.


muwarrior92 said...

Let's Go Warriors....now that's interesting.

Kevin Buckley said...

Interesting indeed. Or it could have been photoshop. One or the other.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No it's not. Mine say the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Mine say Go Hilltoppers. I think MU customized each booklet based on what you voted for last Spring.

Anonymous said...

Mine doesn't say anything but my section, row, and seat number. Interesting?