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Monday, November 20, 2006

ESPNU...home of many MU broadcasts

A little shameless plug. Marquette is on ESPNU tonight and potentially tomorrow night. In addition, Marquette and the Big East will be on ESPNU considerably over the next 6 years with the new contract. DIRECTV and DISH have ESPNU. Most cable systems do not. Call your cable operator or get a dish so you can watch MU play.


Anonymous said...

Dish Network also has ESPN U.

Anonymous said...

yeah but Dish Network stinks for the NFL

Directv SportsPack . . you now have my $12/month

Anonymous said...

The CBE Championship game is on ESPN nationally tomorrow night... not on ESPNU.

TB said...


but the consolation game is on ESPNU

muwarrior92 said...

Guys, I did say get a dish which meant DIRECTV or DISH Network....but because they are my competitor I only put a link to DIRECTV.


Because MU won, the game will be on ESPN2 tomorrow night.

Still, over the next few years the Big East and MU will be on ESPNU quite a bit and your cable company probably won't have it.