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Friday, November 03, 2006

MU Scrimmage Recaps

With the start of the regular season closing in, MU held another public scrimmage last night at the Al McGuire Center. I'd like to thank the commenter in one of the posts below for taking the time to offer a first-person recap of the event. Here it is:

Great scrimmage tonight at the Al, the team looked much more solid than the past two open to the public. Dominic James, Jerel McNeal, and Wes Matthews all looked at the top of their game. What really suprised me was the quickness of the team. Sitting courtside you could see how fast they got to every ball on offense. Dan Fitzgerald was spectacular. Very solid and quick, and very tenacious. Ousmane Barro struggled early, but he may have just been having an off night. We should all hope so, we'll need him to step up this season.

Lazar Hayward looked like he was starting to get in the rhythm of this team. I think he's another underrated freshman in this conference. Overall free throw shooting was much better, and we seemed to be hitting more shots from three point range than in the past. The team looked sharp and I'm just as excited as everyone else for the season to start!

Oh and by the way, the new student Fanatics t-shirts look very solid. A navy "Marquette" across the front of the Gold shirt with the number "6" below it, and "FANATIC" on the back, similar to the D.Wade navy blue shirts from last year. Very classy. Should be a great year! Go Marquette!
A fantastic recap, thanks for sharing it with us here at Cracked Sidewalks.

In addition, Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recapped the scrimmage in SportsWatch. Here's the link. A key excerpt:
"We're not there yet," he (Crean) said. "We're still a product of being very inexperienced. I don't think we're in a situation where we're caught up in any process of high expectations or high rankings or things like that. If anything, I'm not sure we believe how good we can be. That's kind of where our team sits."

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