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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chicago is.....Marquette's kind of town

Good morning Jerry Wainwright! Oh how he must enjoy the consistent attention MU gets in the Windy City's daily newspapers.

Indiana native Dominic James fills the lead this the Chicago Sun Times' profile of the 2006-2007 Marquette basketball team his moring. Expectations are high this season, with talk of the Final Four framing this article.

Dominic James explains that optimism:

Marquette was 20-11 last season, earned a bid to the NCAA tournament, then lost to Alabama in the first round. How far will the Golden Eagles go this season?

''As far as we want to go,'' James said. ''We have to commit ourselves to it.

''Coach Crean, he's been to the Final Four with D-Wade, and he said we're just as talented. We're a young team that has the work ethic. We just have to remain driven.''

And James is the one in the driver's seat.

In terms of local media, The Milwaukee Channel offers a thourough (and I mean thorough) preview of the Big East, courtesy of the Sports Network. Click here to read it all.

Meanwhile, DraftExpress rates Dominic James as the Big East's top NBA draft prospect. Remarkable if you ask me -- Gray, Hibbert, Green, Harris, Thabeet, Sumpter, etal.... none beter than DJ in the eyes of the folks there. Click here to read it all.

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