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Friday, July 06, 2007

UPDATED: Buzz Williams new MU Assistant + Staff Changes

According to Fox Sports, Buzz Williams, 34, former New Orleans coach, will become one of Tom Crean's assistants.

Sources indicated that Williams was frustrated because of financial limitations and other obstacles at the program in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Williams informed his team of the decision on Friday afternoon.

Williams brought in an impressive recruiting class this season, and also fielded interest from Kentucky head coach Billy Gillespie to be an assistant there before deciding on Marquette.

The timing of the move was rare as it happened on the first day of the July recruiting period.

Other coaching changes have now been revealed to the public:
  • Former A&M Consolidated star and MU player Brian Barone has returned to the Warriors as the "coordinator of basketball operations" and "video coordinator".

  • Coach Rabedeaux has taken an indeterminate leave of absence this summer. When he returns, he will take the Director of Basketball Operations that Todd Townsend vacated. Double T went to Northeastern in Boston.

  • Tim Buckley will slide into Rabedeaux's spot as Assistant Coach.
It's interesting to note that with Rabedeaux, Buckley, and Williams, Marquette now has 3 former head coaches working as assistants for Crean. That's a ton of experience. Barone is no slouch, either, spending the past 6 years coaching, primarily at Illinois State U.

Rosiak has the entire story.

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