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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goulbourne names Marquette as an early leader

Lance Goulbourne updates his recruiting today on Adam Zagoria's blog:

A pleasure to interview, Goulbourne is bright, thoughtful and level-headed.

He said he has settled so far on a list of schools that includes Rutgers, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Marquette, Georgetown, Northwestern and St. Joe's.

"I want to take my visits in September and make a decision in October," he said.

Goulbourne is a 6'7" 215 pound senior to be at The Hun School in Princeton, NJ.


Dave said...

How does one read the cited blog and come to the conclusion that Marquette is the "early leader"?

TB said...

I'm an optimist.

Out of about 300 division one programs, MU is one of just 7 that Goulbourne is focusing on. 7 leaders out of a long list of potential suitors.

Not bad start. (and its an easier headline to write) :-)

Anonymous said...

Also, what service has Goulbourne rated #17 overall. He's an emerging prospect who has had an excellent July, but he will probably be a borderline top 100 in the new rankings.

TB said...

LOL. corrected & nice catch, Zuch.

Was emailing with a friend today and we decided this was offer #18 that MU made for the 2008 class. :-)