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Thursday, July 05, 2007

MUScoop newsletter: cool idea

The fellas at MUScoop have instituted a new feature -- a newsletter........just received mine this afternoon -- it wraps up current and past threads, features, Wiki updates and more. Cut/pasted below verbatim:

Welcome to MUScoop.com's inaugural newsletter!

We're starting a new feature where each month we'll attempt to summarize important events, let you know about new things happening on the site, and what's coming next month for Marquette Basketball.

We'd love to get your feedback - send it to muscoop@muscoop.com or post it to the suggestions board

1. June Highlights

2. June Off-Topic Scoop Threads

3. What's coming up in July?
  • McNeal, Matthews & James try out for USA Basketball's Pan Am Games
  • Look for MU to fill Sichting's Assistant Coach position and other staff changes.
  • July-August, we'll know if our 4 incoming recruits are all on campus, and look for more information on the scholarship situation

4. Marquette Sports Wiki

As you may know, one of the best places to look for Marquette information is the Wiki, at http://wiki.muscoop.com. If you haven't visited, here are a few examples of some great information you can find on the Wiki:

A wiki, of course, depends on volunteers. We need your help. Spend a few minutes and update your favorite player's page. Or, maybe you remember 1995 like it was yesterday, and can improve the season recap for that year.

Help us here:

5. Sports Sites of the Month:

We at MUScoop.com look forward to seeing you in the boards as we all eagerly look forward to the next season. Please remember that this site is dedicated to being "by the fans, for the fans". If you have any suggestions at all to improve YOUR site please post it to the suggestions board. Until next month - happy rebounding.. err.. boarding!

If you would like to be removed from this list, and all future MUScoop mailings (including breaking news announcements) just go to your MUScoop profile's notifications section, deselect "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email" and click "Save settings"

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