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Friday, July 20, 2007

CS EXCLUSIVE: Mike Bargen Update 2

Remember back in May, we brought you a Mike Bargen Update? Well, I hunted his email address down, and asked him for a real update on his life after Marquette.

Here's his letter to home:

I am currently the head basketball coach at Butler Community College, in El Dorado KS (25 minutes NE of Wichita). I was named head coach in March of this year at the end of our season. Our head coach at the time decided to get out of coaching and they appointed me immediately. I have been here for 3 seasons as an assistant and worked for two legends of Junior College Basketball: Dennis Helms and Randy Smithson.

Before I came to Butler, I was a Graduate Manager at Creighton University, and finished my MBA in 2004. I'm not Catholic, and yet I have both my degrees from Catholic schools. It must be that great Jesuit education... right Father Kelly? The team was very successful the 3 years that I was there... not like I had anything to do with it, but it was a lot of fun being back in my home state and working for
Coach Altman.

In April my wife, Kacy, and I had our first child, John Elliott. It is a lot of fun being a dad, and he is changing everyday. We are working on his basketball skills, but I wouldn't mind seeing him play football. Remember... I am from Nebraska.

I have been very blessed with all the opportunities that God has given me this year, and want to thank the people at Marquette for helping me get started. I really enjoyed my time at Marquette and stay in touch with a lot of my former teammates. And occasionally you will catch me back in Milwaukee to visit friends.

By the way, I ran into Coach Deane recruiting last weekend. It was good to catch up with him, and it sounds like he's doing well.

Sorry for taking so long... but I don't think anyone was waiting by their computers to read what I'm up to.

Au contraire, Mike. We love the letter!

Mike Bargen - Head Coach - Butler CC

Mike Bargen Wiki Entry

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