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Monday, July 16, 2007

Iman Shumpert trims list...or does he

Iman Shumpert, one of the top guards in the class of 2008, today narrowed his list of suitors to just five: Bradley, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Marquette and UNC. Per the Chicago Sun-Times, Shumpert hopes to make a decision by the start of his senior season. Or did he?

hmmmm, this is odd.........the direct link above still works - - but if u go to the main landing page at the Sun-Times prep blog, the article does not appear.

Now we have a report from this morning's Chicago Tribune regarding Shumpert indicating something entirely different.

What is uncertain is the list of finalists for Oak Park guard Iman Shumpert, ranked No. 32 nationally by Rivals, despite reports.

Oak Park coach Al Allen said late Monday that he had spoken with Shumpert, Shumpert's family and his AAU coach, and that no list of finalists would arrive until early August, when the player expects to narrow his choices to a final three.

"There is no list," Allen said. "There is no longer list, there is no shorter list. Things will be decided once August comes around."

The Sun-Times and recruiting Web site Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye had reported Monday night that Shumpert shaved his list of suitors to five, with Illinois failing to make the cut. But both Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye and the Sun-Times pulled the reports later.
Ah, the joys of recruiting.

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