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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Steve Rushin vs Stuart Scott: Steel Cage Commencement Speech Deathmatch

......now it is time for a break from our regularly-scheduled Marquette basketball prorgramming.....

If only we had claymation for this one.

Courtesy of the nifty MUScoop Wiki, in this corner we have the full text of MU alum Steve Rushin's sublime commencement address to the graduating class of 2007 at Marquette University.

...And in this corner we have the text from Stuart Scott's commencement address at UNC from 2001.

I double dog dare you to read each speech and conclude that Stu Scott's was better. Double dog dare you.

Rushin's remarks are heartfelt, genuine, witty and poignant. Benchmark material.

Scott's? Incoherent is the best I can come up with (though narcissistic was the leader in the clubhouse). As if graduation ceremonies aren't tedious enough -- smart Tar Heel grads had to pass the time listening to this on the occassion of their crowning achievement?

Steve Rushin wins in a unanimous decision. Advantage, Marquette sports journalism.


The (IRON) Clyde said...

That is a hilarious speech...wish I had been there to hear it. I was laughing it just reading it, can only imagine what it was like in person.


Lurch91 said...

For someone that majored in Communication, Stuart Scott's address reads as if it was delivered by an ADD/ADHD teenager that has no idea how to express himself, except by saying "Yo" and "Bou-yaa!".