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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Available Players that Could Add 1 to 5 points to MU in 2016

The following is the list of players at www.valueaddbasketball.com that I have flagged as Available. If a player seems to be heading toward a team, then I've given them to him - so these are the players who I have not flagged with a team and how many points each would be worth. Some are freshmen, others are JUCO transfers, and others are senior graduates.

I am sure some of these are already committed or have simply decided not to play any more etc., so any notes in the comments field are appreciated.

Tyler Harris is coming hear to Auburn (I assume he cannot transfer within the Big East), I have a piece running on Breitbart on Derrick Gordon (the first openly gay player), and Matt Mooney left Air Force due to alleged bullying. Beyond that, I just crunch the numbers and flag them, so do not know if we are in on some of these or not.

I will be giving a rundown of each conference - closing with the Big East. National media have referred to us as "Marquette-centric," so while we are proud to be a Marquette page we also know we have lots of great fans out there who follow hoops around the country as we figure out if Marquette can get back up to the NIT level or even all the way to the NCAA.

Nat'l RnkAvailableHtYrValue
251Harris, Tyler 256'94 Sr4.8
367Gordon, Derrick 26'34 Sr4.1
444Foster, Marcus 26'33 Jr3.8
445Robinson, Stanford 226'43 Jr3.8
468Mooney, Matt 136'32 So3.68
482Lecomte, Manu 205'113 Jr3.6
565Smith, Tarin 116'22 So3.31
570Harris, Tre 56'52 So3.29
621Thomas, Jevon 16'03 Jr3.12
648Griffin, Johnny 36'52 So3.03
712Mitola, Alex 115'114 Sr2.9
763Keene, Marcus 105'113 Jr2.76
776Ruttley, Jermaine 46'34 Sr2.71
788Wright, Jake 206'42 So2.69
874Onwuasor, Randy 36'33 Jr2.5
932Woods, Keyshawn 56'32 So2.38
933Lewis, Zach 16'33 Jr2.38
997Lewis, Richie 126'03 Jr2.24
1008Word, Bobby 16'43 Jr2.23
1047Robinson, Dulani 55'94 Sr2.18
1065Scott, Bryson 16'13 Jr2.15
1074Zabo, Kevin 26'22 So2.14
1110Holland, Ria'n 106'02 So2.08
1111Hopkins, Jaron 236'63 Jr2.08
1131Lavender, Deion 56'22 So2.04
1145Minnis, Biggie 106'34 Sr2.02
1192Pendleton, Jalen 16'24 Sr1.98
1218Davis, Shawntrez6'91 Fr1.94
1237Brewer, Quentin 26'64 Sr1.91
1251Rooks, Patrick 06'22 So1.88
1302MacDonald, Matt 36'53 Jr1.81
1303McGlaston, JoJo 246'53 Jr1.81
1320Hill, Johnny 106'34 Sr1.78
1371Gill, Anton 16'33 Jr1.73
1378Powell, Pookie 36'13 Jr1.72
1389Ferrari, Frankie 135'112 So1.7
1390Smart, Roosevelt6'11 Fr1.7
1406Maura, K.J. 25'72 So1.68
1416Smithen, Kadeem 126'32 So1.66
1443Williams, Johnathan 36'93 Jr1.62
1444Jennings, Collin 116'42 So1.62
1477Manning, Tamron 326'44 Sr1.58
1485McBroom, Austin 25'94 Sr1.57
1486Millinghaus, Shadell 06'03 Jr1.57
1498Etherington, Alex 26'52 So1.56
1513Torres, Amin 56'14 Sr1.55
1533Nix, Malachi 25'83 Jr1.52
1560Randolph, Brandon 36'23 Jr1.49
1684Etou, Junior 106'73 Jr1.32
1685Watkins, Dayshawn 46'03 Jr1.32
1694Zubizarreta, Aitor 546'33 Jr1.31
1704Mitchem, Undra 56'23 Jr1.3
1721Karis, Kurt 106'13 Jr1.28
1727Nwamu, Ike 106'54 Sr1.27
1742Martin, Chris 06'04 Sr1.26
1756Threatt, DeMarcus 55'104 Sr1.24
1769Johnson, D'Andre 16'13 Jr1.23
1775Sarbaugh, Chris 56'34 Sr1.22
1776Gladden, B.J. 56'62 So1.21
1819Boutte, P.J. 255'94 Sr1.17
1834Griffin, Nick 56'23 Jr1.15
1900Showalter, Jake 36'22 So1.09
1966Neely, Marcus 116'43 Jr1.01
2021Anderson, Joseph6'21 Fr1
2022Armstead, Austin6'31 Fr1
2074Bellot-Green, Tyrell6'73 Jr1
2059Billingsley, Nick6'43 Jr1
2005Blair, Nick6'51 Fr1
2075Boykin, Shelton6'63 Jr1
1980Brechting, Brad6'91 Fr1
2067Brown, Brandon6'03 Jr1
2006Burrell, David6'61 Fr1
1988Burton, Tommy6'81 Fr1
2007Charles, Karl6'51 Fr1
2023Childress, Brandon6'31 Fr1
2049Christian, Bradley6'73 Jr1
2024Cobb, Curtis6'41 Fr1
2068Cole, Elliott5'93 Jr1
1981Cook, Levi6'101 Fr1
2076Copeland, Bakari6'63 Jr1
2025Currie, Lorne6'31 Fr1
2008Davis, Jerekius6'51 Fr1
2026Davis, Jon6'21 Fr1
1995Davis, Latin5'111 Fr1
1989Davis, Roman6'71 Fr1
2027Diallo, Djibril6'21 Fr1
2050Downey, D'Andre6'93 Jr1
1996Edwards, Hyron5'101 Fr1
2009Edwards, Kameron6'61 Fr1
2028Ellison, Malik6'51 Fr1
2029Eubanks, Kobie6'51 Fr1
2030Gardener, Ian6'41 Fr1
2010Gilbert, Ahmad6'61 Fr1
1990Gill, Jailen6'71 Fr1
1982Gnahore, Bollo6'91 Fr1
2031Grayer, Jaire6'51 Fr1
2032Hale, Donovan6'41 Fr1
1997Hardnett, Jahshire5'111 Fr1
2060Harouna, Abdoulaye6'53 Jr1
2011Hicks, Malik6'61 Fr1
2033High, Cameron6'21 Fr1
2069Hollins, Tra-Deon6'13 Jr1
2034Ingram, Dazon6'41 Fr1
2061Johnson, Deckie6'33 Jr1
2078Johnson, Secean6'53 Jr1
2051Johnson, Shamar6'63 Jr1
1983Jones, Kelvin6'101 Fr1
2066Jones, Torren6'93 Jr1
1998Julien, Charvon6'11 Fr1
1984Kamara, Mamadou6'101 Fr1
2077Keith, Shaq6'63 Jr1
2079King, Naqauvious6'43 Jr1
2012Kohl, Tyler6'51 Fr1
1985Kuwornu, Malik6'101 Fr1
2035Lloyd, Sean6'41 Fr1
2036Lott, Chad6'31 Fr1
1986Lull, Jimbo6'101 Fr1
2046Macam, Macam6'103 Jr1
2037Maddox, Travonta6'31 Fr1
2052Marrero, Dejuan6'63 Jr1
2070Martin, Jerron6'13 Jr1
1991Maurice, Isaiah6'81 Fr1
2038McKnight, Quincy6'31 Fr1
2071Milligan, Jonathan6'13 Jr1
2053Mohamed, Ahmed6'103 Jr1
2054Moneke, Chima6'73 Jr1
2013Munnings, Travis6'61 Fr1
2014Nichols, Kipper6'61 Fr1
2047Okonkwo, Namdi7'03 Jr1
1992Pete, Nick6'71 Fr1
2062Pryor, Sajae6'43 Jr1
1999Ramsey, Corinthian5'101 Fr1
2039Randall, Craig6'31 Fr1
2063Rector, Shane6'13 Jr1
2000Reid, Reggie5'111 Fr1
1993Reyes, John Carlos6'91 Fr1
2015Robinson, Andrew6'51 Fr1
2055Robinson, Devonte6'103 Jr1
2064Robinson, Joshua6'53 Jr1
2016Roper, Javier6'61 Fr1
2056Rorie, Desmond6'93 Jr1
2072Saintil, Aakim6'03 Jr1
2040Savoy, Patrick6'31 Fr1
2041Scott, Curran6'41 Fr1
1994Shanun, Abdul6'71 Fr1
2017Shields, Chris6'61 Fr1
2001Simplis, Kahlil6'01 Fr1
1987Smallwood, Greyson6'111 Fr1
2002Smith, Nych5'91 Fr1
2042Stamps, Josh6'51 Fr1
2065Stevenson, Niem6'53 Jr1
2073Sylvester, James5'113 Jr1
2043Teague, MaCio6'31 Fr1
2003Telfair, Ethan5'111 Fr1
2057Thomas, Michael6'103 Jr1
2044Traylor, Darrian6'31 Fr1
2018Vaughn, Dimencio6'41 Fr1
2058Vernon, Keonta6'63 Jr1
2048Westbrook, LJ6'43 Jr1
2019Williams, Tyler6'61 Fr1
2004Wilson, Marshawn6'11 Fr1
2020Wilson-Frame, Jared6'31 Fr1
2045Woolridge, Ryan6'31 Fr1

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