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Friday, April 24, 2015

Shoot, MU Projects 78th after not getting either Senior Guard, but remember 2010

Well shoot. Damion Lee to Louisville and Shonn Miller to UConn leaves Marquette ranked 78th at www.valueaddbasketball.com, where we now have all JUCOs projected as well. I am just going to hope this is way off, and the NBC Sports Top 25 released recently is correct with Marquette at 21st.

It seemed to me one of the two senior guards were crucial not only because their impact 8.13 and 5.6 respectively - enough that either theoretically gets MU in the tournament. But also with Steve Taylor gone it would be very nice to have a senior step on the court.

Projections just measure the typical improvement of each player, so certainly NBC Sports could be correct. This team looks about as good as the 2010 team did before the season with the Three Amigos gone and seemingly only Lazar Hayward left.

That team was one of the most surprising March Madness teams for us ever I believe. Who would have known the Mr. Jimmy F. Butler would turn into the monster, or that Dwight Buycks and DJO were actually players who would see an NBA floor, or that Mo Acker would come back and have such a great year.

Let's hope all the hard work takes some of our guys way beyond their projection.

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