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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Top 2016 Teams/Players: Conference USA (Ranked 13)

We hope Marquette can pick up one of the top available players from our rankings here. Tonight we run through the competition - ranking all the conferences competing with the Big East for bids, and ranking both their teams and top 40 players. 

UAB is the big story - pulling the upset in March Madness and set up to be great this season. However, with the Alabama Board of Trustees getting rid of their football program, the team is fighting to get it back or have trouble figuring out a conference. The Sun Belt even said they would not want a team without football. With Old Dominion having upset VCU last year, CUSA still could have a couple of teams make the tournament if they get hot, but UAB has three of the top five players.

Natl RnkConferenceTeamRecordRawValue Add
13Conference USACUSA14.78
81Old Dominion27--820.2922.04
83Louisiana Tech27--920.5722.01
117Western Kentucky20--1217.3517.55
127Texas El Paso22--1113.0116.81
130Middle Tennessee19--1716.5716.58
145Rice12--20 18.7615.95
212Marshall11--21 14.6111.82
219North Texas14--1712.1211.30
240Southern Mississippi9--20 14.4610.29
258Florida International16--1710.229.55
261Texas San Antonio14--165.639.40
290Florida Atlantic9--20 8.147.65
Natl RnkTop 40 PlayersTeamHtYrValue Add
75Freeman, Trey 20Old Dominion6'24 Sr6.61
134Norton, Nick 2UAB5'102 So5.79
145Lee, William 34UAB6'92 So5.72
225Edmond, FredrickWestern Kentucky6'43 Jr5
228Cokley, Chris 3UAB6'82 So4.99
260Hamilton, Alex 0Louisiana Tech6'44 Sr4.77
361Combs, Jeremy 11North Texas6'72 So4.14
375McCree, Erik 2Louisiana Tech6'83 Jr4.07
380Bowie, Ryan 14Texas San Antonio6'14 Sr4.04
406Diaz, Adrian 20Florida International6'114 Sr3.96
438Nikolic, Aleksa 21Marshall6'52 So3.82
476Massey, Justin 4Florida Atlantic6'32 So3.64
493Jackson, Marcus 22Rice6'33 Jr3.56
507Taylor, Ryan 25Marshall6'53 Jr3.52
512Boykins, Jacobi 13Louisiana Tech6'62 So3.51
514Bingaya, Matt 2Southern Mississippi6'52 So3.51
519Moore, LeeTexas El Paso6'43 Jr3.5
521Bacote, Aaron 1Old Dominion6'44 Sr3.48
522Stapleton, Xavian 11Louisiana Tech6'62 So3.47
526Loop, Austin 35Marshall6'43 Jr3.46
562Guercy, Max 1Rice5'94 Sr3.32
581Jones, Jeremy 20Rice6'52 So3.25
598Potts, Giddy 20Middle Tennessee6'22 So3.21
601Obi, SeanRice6'92 So3.2
604Baker, Jordan 0Old Dominion6'22 So3.19
669Bonam, LorenzoSouthern Mississippi6'43 Jr3
677Upshaw, Reggie 30Middle Tennessee6'73 Jr2.97
702Armelin, Chip 13Southern Mississippi6'44 Sr2.93
711Johnson, Justin 23Western Kentucky6'72 So2.91
726Baxter, Hakeem 0UAB6'22 So2.87
742Brown, Robert 4UAB6'54 Sr2.82
821Morris, Earvin 20Texas El Paso6'44 Sr2.63
827Taylor, Denzell 21Old Dominion6'73 Jr2.62
849Jefferson, DamontraeSouthern Mississippi/Maybe5'71 Fr2.58
851Ogbueze, Braxton 1Charlotte6'13 Jr2.57
870Draper, Daviyon 32Florida International6'74 Sr2.51
965Carey, Norville 21Southern Mississippi6'74 Sr2.34
1034Coleman, Justin 5Middle Tennessee5'102 So2.2
1041Madison, Tyler 22UAB6'43 Jr2.2
1127Buford, Perrin 2Middle Tennessee6'64 Sr2.05
These are the top 40 players in the conference based on the rankings at www.valueaddbasketball.com. The team rankings are 50% based on the sum of each team’s Value Add ratings and 50% based on last year (since better teams typically replenish after losing stars). With over 4000 players projected in the database, we WELCOME all corrections in the comments field.

Value Add was first introduced on www.crackedsidewalks.com, and calculates how many points better each player is worth to his team over how good they would be if he was replaced. The projections measure the standard improvement in a player between his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior seasons, and the evaluation of incoming freshman and JUCO players.

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