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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Top 2016 Teams/Players: Summit LEAGUE (Ranked 23)

We hope Marquette can pick up one of the top available players from our rankings here. Tonight we run through the competition - ranking all the conferences competing with the Big East for bids, and ranking both their teams and top 40 players. 

The Summit League has developed one of the greatest tournaments, packing more than 10,000 fans into the semifinals and finals. This year they are going to have something big to cheer about with South Dakota State looking absolutely packed and good enough for an upset. They had a very impressive NOT road win against a Colorado State team many thought would be in the NCAA, and then lost at a Vanderbilt team that may be ranked this year. North Dakota State looked solid against Gonzaga in the NCAA.

Natl RnkConferenceTeamRecordRawValue Add
23Summit LEAGUESum10.69
82South Dakota St.24--1122.4622.03
181North Dakota St.23--1010.5114.18
229IUPU Fort Wayne16--156.4111.06
241Oral Roberts19--156.7810.22
243South Dakota17--167.429.96
264Denver12--18 6.149.32
282Nebraska Omaha12--17 6.148.22
309IUPUI10--21 5.396.77
333Western Illinois8--20 4.414.50
Natl RnkTop 40 PlayersTeamHtYrValue Add
166Bittle, Jake 4South Dakota St.6'44 Sr5.42
221Tellinghuisen, Reed 23South Dakota St.6'62 So5
319Larson, Cody 34South Dakota St.6'94 Sr4.38
324Emegano, Obi 15Oral Roberts6'34 Sr4.33
674Engesser, Nate 33Denver6'34 Sr2.97
790Barksdale, Marcellus 22IUPUI6'54 Sr2.69
832Thurman, Tre'Shawn 15Nebraska Omaha6'72 So2.61
866Parks, Deondre 0South Dakota St.6'44 Sr2.54
895Burnette, Tre 2South Dakota6'54 Sr2.47
1015Kasperbauer, Casey 14South Dakota6'14 Sr2.22
1020Werner, Dexter 40North Dakota St.6'63 Jr2.21
1055Landis, Max 10IUPU Fort Wayne6'24 Sr2.17
1088Brown, Kory 22North Dakota St.6'44 Sr2.12
1342Evans, Mo 0IUPU Fort Wayne6'03 Jr1.76
1425Norris, Trey 1South Dakota6'04 Sr1.65
1493Dupree, Carlin 13North Dakota St.6'33 Jr1.57
1516McCallum, Jalen 10IUPUI5'93 Jr1.55
1539Patterson, Ron 4IUPUI 20176'23 Jr1.52
1567Theisen, Ian 42South Dakota St.6'92 So1.49
1573Covington, Garret 31Western Illinois6'53 Jr1.48
1594Reed, Joe 44IUPU Fort Wayne6'84 Sr1.45
1606Marshall, George 11South Dakota St.6'14 Sr1.44
1641Moffitt, Keaton 12South Dakota St.6'54 Sr1.39
1671Jacobson, A.J. 21North Dakota St.6'62 So1.35
1690Tyus, Marcus 23Nebraska Omaha6'14 Sr1.32
1803Miller, Paul 2North Dakota St.6'42 So1.19
1815Kading, Chris 34North Dakota St.6'84 Sr1.18
1833Chapman, Jalen 33Western Illinois6'84 Sr1.16
1857Love, Jalen 3Denver6'24 Sr1.13
1873Byrd, Marcus 35Denver6'74 Sr1.11
1922Batish, Jamie 10Western Illinois6'44 Sr1.07
1948Calhoun, Brent 50IUPU Fort Wayne6'83 Jr1.03
1972Davis, Dejon 32South Dakota6'42 So1.01
2386Ishola, Brian 0North Dakota St.6'52 So0.89
2485Kaufman, JordenOral Roberts7'03 Jr0.79
2499Brennan, Aaron 45IUPUI6'62 So0.77
2501Hahn, Mitchell 44Nebraska Omaha 20176'82 So0.77
2524Harris, Darian 33Oral Roberts6'62 So0.73
2532Conley, Brandon 5Oral Roberts6'64 Sr0.72
2631Mackey, Christian 24Denver6'62 So0.59

These are the top 40 players in the conference based on the rankings at www.valueaddbasketball.com. The team rankings are 50% based on the sum of each team’s Value Add ratings and 50% based on last year (since better teams typically replenish after losing stars). With over 4000 players projected in the database, we WELCOME all corrections in the comments field.

Value Add was first introduced on www.crackedsidewalks.com, and calculates how many points better each player is worth to his team over how good they would be if he was replaced. The projections measure the standard improvement in a player between his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior seasons, and the evaluation of incoming freshman and JUCO players.

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