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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Top 2016 Teams/Players: Southwestern Athletic (Ranked 32)

We hope Marquette can pick up one of the top available players from our rankings here. Tonight we run through the competition - ranking all the conferences competing with the Big East for bids, and ranking both their teams and top 40 players. 

Some of the great Historically Black Colleges play in the SWAC, and Southern and Texas Southern seem to have a little edge this season.

Natl RnkConferenceTeamRecordRawValue Add
32Southwestern AthleticSWAC6.55
197Texas Southern22--1312.4412.95
266Arkansas Pine Bluff12--20 13.849.27
280Alabama St.19--107.138.43
308Jackson St.11--21 7.636.80
315Prairie View AM15--185.706.36
329Alabama A&M9--20 6.175.09
345Mississippi Valley St.6--26 4.303.16
348Alcorn St.6--26 2.092.22
351Grambling2--27 0.000.26
Natl RnkTop 40 PlayersTeamHtYrValue Add
210Riley, Malcolm 11Texas Southern6'54 Sr5.04
307Sam, Jared 12Southern6'92 So4.46
419Waters, Jamel 12Alabama St.5'94 Sr3.91
589Tabb, Ladarius 23Alabama A&M6'54 Sr3.22
608Hammond, Tevin 14Arkansas Pine Bluff6'04 Sr3.17
820Hyder, Christopher 0Southern5'114 Sr2.63
1117Blanks, David 15Texas Southern6'34 Sr2.08
1234Mack, Giovanni 20Texas Southern5'92 So1.92
1278Love, Jovaughn 22Arkansas Pine Bluff6'94 Sr1.84
1294Worsham, Raeford 10Jackson St.6'44 Sr1.83
1347Rodgers, Adrian 2Southern6'43 Jr1.76
1376Rogers, Steve 52Alabama St.6'12 So1.72
1377Cox, Austin 13Arkansas Pine Bluff6'42 So1.72
1441Thomas, Chris 2Texas Southern6'54 Sr1.63
1462Walker, Stephen 23Prairie View A&M6'12 So1.6
1490Middleton, Janarius 35Jackson St.6'83 Jr1.57
1530Banks, Trelun 3Southern6'13 Jr1.53
1571Berry, Devin 34Arkansas Pine Bluff6'73 Jr1.48
1619Jackson, Zachary 20Alabama A&M6'42 So1.41
1746Johnson, Jayrn 1Prairie View A&M6'33 Jr1.26
1762Brent, Javeres 20Jackson St.6'33 Jr1.24
1868Lomax, Avery 2Prairie View A&M5'94 Sr1.12
1912Robinson, Ghiavonni 23Arkansas Pine Bluff6'33 Jr1.07
1944Whiting, Trent 15Arkansas Pine Bluff6'74 Sr1.03
1945Parker, Chauncy 25Arkansas Pine Bluff6'84 Sr1.03
1965Brown, Jordan 30Arkansas Pine Bluff6'43 Jr1.01
2280Alex, Jabari 33Mississippi Valley St.6'34 Sr0.99
2350Collier, Tonnie 12Texas Southern6'84 Sr0.92
2367Bernard, Kaven 12Jackson St.6'54 Sr0.9
2381Maddox, Gerrald 11Jackson St.6'53 Jr0.89
2385Hall, Jurmelle 25Mississippi Valley St.6'24 Sr0.89
2428Hopkins, Joell 35Southern6'64 Sr0.85
2430Johnson, Nevin 24Texas Southern6'34 Sr0.85
2441York, Karim 30Prairie View A&M6'94 Sr0.84
2489Thomas, Chris 24Southern6'42 So0.79
2493Johnson, Reginald 24Alcorn St.6'52 So0.77
2494Vance, Marquis 30Alcorn St.6'73 Jr0.77
2514Handley, Thaddeus 3Arkansas Pine Bluff6'64 Sr0.73
2521Kelly, Rakwan 11Mississippi Valley St.6'32 So0.73
2522Vaughn, Vacha 0Mississippi Valley St.6'43 Jr0.73
These are the top 40 players in the conference based on the rankings at www.valueaddbasketball.com. The team rankings are 50% based on the sum of each team’s Value Add ratings and 50% based on last year (since better teams typically replenish after losing stars). With over 4000 players projected in the database, we WELCOME all corrections in the comments field.

Value Add was first introduced on www.crackedsidewalks.com, and calculates how many points better each player is worth to his team over how good they would be if he was replaced. The projections measure the standard improvement in a player between his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior seasons, and the evaluation of incoming freshman and JUCO players.

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