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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Best/Worst Case For Each Big East Team Based on leaving for NBA, graduate signings

Following up on some good feedback from MUScoop on where teams rank if players turn go NBA, here is the updated best and worst case based on Value Add projections for each team. The database will start to be updated with all 4000 players projections soon and you will be able to click here, but I am working through a programming issue.

Big East Best/Worst Case Nat'l Rank
  1. Villanova              1st at 46.75
  2. Xavier   26th at 32.2
  3. Georgetown      31st (31.59) with Smith-Rivera back, up to 21st (35.49) if add Anthony Collins
  4. Seton Hall            50th at 27.88
  5. Providence         66th (24.87) to NR at 15.27 if Dunn leaves
  6. Marquette          75th (23.62) to 17th with 37.35 if added Damion Lee and Shonn Miller
  7. DePaul  91st (20.45)
  8. Butler    just miss top 100 (18.94)
  9. Creighton            just miss top 100 (17.09)
  10. St. John's          NR at 6.93 or even if 10.83 for adding Anthony Collins
The players referenced below were all among the 20 players who still making final decisions on which school to attend or whether to go NBA. Smith-Rivera selected to stay with Georgetown and now projects as the 5th best player in the country, and Kris Dunn is still deciding if he will leave Providence for the NBA, and if he stays the Big East projects to have two of the top six players in the league.

Marquette is in the running for Damion Smith, who would project to be the 25th best player in the country and move MU all the way to 26th. Shonn Miller projects to be the 140th best player of 4000, and would project Marquette barely into the tournament at 45th. Both together would make Marquette 17th - neither would leave MU at 75th.

20 Biggest Decisions (Smith-Rivera already staying)

RnkPlayerTeamHtYrValue Add
5Smith-Rivera, D'Vauntes 4Georgetown6'34 Sr9.68
6Dunn, Kris 3Providence/NBA6'33 Jr9.6
10Wiltjer, Kyle 33Gonzaga/NBA6'104 Sr9.02
18Hield, Buddy 24Oklahoma/NBA6'44 Sr8.52
23Johnson, Stanley 5Arizona/NBA6'62 So8.43
25Lee, Damion 14AZ,Lville,Gonz,Marq,MD6'64 Sr8.13
36Yogi Ferrell, Kevin 11Indiana/NBA6'04 Sr7.65
59Poeltl, Jakob 42Utah/NBA7'02 So6.97
104Auguste, Zach 30Notre Dame/NBA6'104 Sr5.96
140Miller, ShonnCT,IL,BC,Mich,Marq,Cal6'73 Jr5.6
147Tollefsen, Mark 23AZ,CA,SDSt.,WA,NV,TN6'94 Sr5.5
152Thorne, Mike 12Pitt,Ill,KS,KY6'114 Sr5.4
194Hammons, A.J. 20Purdue/NBA7'04 Sr4.99
218Harris, Tyler 25Available6'94 Sr4.8
254Smith, Sterling 24WF, Pitt, Rutg, Lville6'44 Sr4.53
259Smith, Adam 3Available6'14 Sr4.5
328Gordon, Derrick 2ORSt.,UtahSt,UNLV6'34 Sr4.1
367Collins, Anthony 11CA,TN,Bay,Gtown,St.Johns,Pur6'14 Sr3.9
404LeVert, Caris 23Michigan/NBA6'74 Sr3.72
412Wallace, Tyrone 3California/NBA6'54 Sr3.68

I am waiting on adding any JUCOs until Brad Winton finishes his update. I traded emails with him this week, and he is close.

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