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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blackledge ruled ineligible

......was just catching up with Rosiak's blog - -

Trend, we hardly knew ya. TC hits the JUCO transfer hard -- "It's a tremendous disappointment with somebody that's capable," said Crean. "I've never been more disappointed in somebody's lack of work academically, and that's too bad. I know there's been a disappointment in not playing as much, but we've been worrying and dealing with too many eligibility issues versus just getting better."

Ouch. In fact, double ouch. Gotta take care of the books......more from TC

"We don't sign players to have them remain eligible. We sign them to graduate. I would say if he's with us next year we're looking at a redshirt because he needs to be in a position to graduate from here."

Anybody else think we've seen the last of Blackledge in an MU uniform? And look - - I gotta be honest here -- why would u redshirt a kid like Blackledge? He's a role player and looks to be a minor contribuor by any stretch given MU's signing of Mbakwe, Hazel and Saunders.

With MU currently one scholarship over the limit for the 2007-2008 season, maybe this means that Dominic James is more likely to return for his junior season.


Anonymous said...

I fell out of my chair laughing at your comment..."maybe this means James will be coming back next year". Where is he going to go? Greece, Yugoslavia or Spain? He is about as ready for the NBA as our favorite 3 alumni from Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana (Clemens, DeBone and Kemp).

Anonymous said...

The consistent negativity re: James is disappointing. The guy carried MU through several games this year and regardless of whether you dislike him personally, he is going to be a good player in the NBA. Whether he goes this year or after is Junior or Senior year, he will go.

Ok, he has had a really bad stretch of games. But how can you be so down on him when he is clearly one of the better point guards in the converence? The comment above shows a total lack of understanding of college basketball. The negativity of some people is really disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up Francis!

I'm not being negative, just realistic. I love D. James as MU's leader. I love my wife too, but they both drive me crazy at times. I am simply pointing out that he is a long way from playing in the NBA. The guy is 5'10 at best and is going to have a hard time guarding big points at the next level. If he can't play defense and can't hit a consistent jumper or free throw, what is he going to bring to the table? At this point in his career, he would be lucky to go in the 2nd round.

Finally, before you rip on my "total lack of understanding of college basketball", learn to spell "conference". I can buy you a dictionary if you need one.

Anonymous said...

If we can put all friendly bantering aside, what exactly does this mean for Marquette? I thought that if a player was ineligible academically it meant that we lose a scholarship? Or is that only if they are transfering? Could someone please clear this up?

inghammer said...

Didn't DeBone go pro?

Anonymous said...

Trend is history. DJ will be back, simply not ready for prime time, he'd be wiser to come back and rip it up next year, go deep in the tournament and GET AN OUTSIDE SHOT plus learn to SHOOT FREE THROWS. This could happen with some summer work as well as having some shooters (christopherson) to take some defensive pressure off. As to a bye in the tournament, not likely, we will win the first 3 though and lose to G town in the finals.