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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

McNeal, James named to NABC All-District Teams

According to Rosiak's Blog,

The National Association of Basketball Coaches released its Division I all-district teams on Wednesday, and sophomores Dominic James and Jerel McNeal both were mentioned.

James was selected a first-team performer in District 11.. McNeal was a second-team selection.

The teams are voted on and selected by member coaches of the NABC. The 150 players who were selected are now eligible for the NABC's All-American team, which is released at the conclusion of the regular season.

Congrats to Jerel and Dominic!


Anonymous said...

Yes, many of you may strongly disagree with me. However, I dont think that James deserves this honor. He has not been playing up to his full potential and has in fact cost us some points down the stretch in close games. Although I am definitely still a fan I think that he is extremely overrated, and an honor like this will just make him cockier. On the other had I am extremely happy for Jerel McNeal, he has been our best player all year and is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. He is the catalyst for our defense and brings so much to the table.

Anonymous said...

While D.J. has definitely not lived up to the media and fan hype (not his I might add)... he has still had a great yr for a Soph. What is he 19? As we've seen a lot of teams are struggling right now including their best players. Was Ronald Steele really a 1st tm all American? Top five in the Big East in scoring. Props DJ!

1. Demetris Nichols, Syracuse 29 551 19.0
2. Russell Carter, Notre Dame 28 472 16.9
3. Herbert Hill, Providence 27 466 17.3
4. Curtis Sumpter, Villanova 27 456 16.9
5. Dominic James, Marquette 30 455 15.2
6. Eugene Harvey, Seton Hall 27 439 16.3
7. Melvin Buckley, South Florida 28 435 15.5
8. Brian Laing, Seton Hall 27 432 16.0
9. Jerel McNeal, Marquette 29 426 14.7
10. Wilson Chandler, DePaul 29 415 14.3

Anonymous said...

I remember people ripping the s@#t out of Novak when he was an underclassman. Crean went off on a guy on the radio post game show. He knew what Novak really posessed and look where he is now. All great players have bad games. Wasn't it when Cincy came into the B.C. #1 and Wardle had ZERO points?!!