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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jeffrey Jordan: Priority recruit?

hey, who knows....with many thanks to one of our readers who commented in a post below, it looks like TC might be actively recruiting 6'1" guard Jeffrey Jordan, MJ's son. We'll trust ya' on this! Here's the post:

I wasn't sure where to post this, but Tom Crean was at a Loyola Academy highschool basketball game on wednesday the 21st. It is in wilmette IL. He was trying to land senior jeffrey jordan. He has yet to commit to a school and has a strong interest in marquette. just thought I would pass this along.
Loyola defeated DeLaSalle last night, Jordan had 16 points.

If true (the assumed mutual interest between MU and Jordan) this is really interesting.....MU is out of scholarships for next year. In fact, MU is over-subcribed for scholarships in the 2007-2008 season, and has ace Scott Christopherson coming into its already deep backcourt next season.

Let's see where this one goes.

Per a few message boards, it appears that Crean took in a double dip of Chicago-area high school hoops action on Wednesday night. TC was spotted at the much hyped matchup between Simeon and Farragut. Derrick Rose's Simeon squad pasted Farragut 74-59. Farragut is led by 6'9" Michael Dunigan. MU assistant Bennie Seltzer saw the big fella play earlier this season -- looks like Dunigan might be a priority for TC's 2008 recruiting efforts.


Steve Susina said...

Chicago magazine in the March issue has a profile on Jeff Jordan (no online link).

The story on "Heir Jordan" mentions that in additon to the attention from basketball programs from the MAC and Horizon, Jeffrey is applying to schools like Notre Dame and Georgetown as a regular student. The biggest concern cited--Jordan cannot possibly live up to the expectations set by his famous father.

While it seems unlikely at first glance, MU may actually be an attractive option for a player in Jordan's shoes. Becasue of MU's depth at guard the next couple of seasons, Jordan would not have to be major contributor early on--there would be no pressure or expectations to play 30 mpg, and put up 15 points and 5 assists nightly.

Next, if anybody can develop his guard talents, its Tom Crean. The track record is there.

Then add a few intangibles--MU is certainly an easy drive to his home. Crean is known for his NBA style offensive sets and deep contacts in the league. Tuition probably isn't a major concern. Top flight training facilities.

Jordan at MU isn't as far-feteched as it may seem.

Anonymous said...

double j might not necessarily be taking a scholarship and could walk on, as he has waited too long to committ.