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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Luke Winn: we demand a recount!

With props to the guys at MUScoop who picked up on this a few hours ago -- CNNSI's Luke Winn is out with his latest Power Rankings.......lets just say there are some oddities on the list.

First off, MU is outta the top 16 - - makes sense to me. Teams that lose three out of four deserve that fate.

What's curious though is not that MU is out of his top 16 --- its that MU is out of his top 30 and Villanova is in! See, after the Power 16, Winn lists off 14 teams as 'on the cusp' of the rankings. That's where you will find the Wildcats --- 'on the cusp'.


Fresh off of their worst loss of the season, Nova is 'on the cusp' and MU is off the radar (keep in mind, MU was in his Power16 for several weeks btw).

Luke, what gives?!?!

Its gotta be a simple oversight. Winn has covered MU closely all season (remember the great pre-season piece?)

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