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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marquette - DePaul trivia

OK sports fans, trivia time. In the following comparison, who has been more successful:

  • Dominic James from the field in his last 35 attempts


  • DePaul against Marquette in the last 31 games

........if you answered 'DePaul', YOU WIN!

That's right sports fans, DePaul has beaten Marquette five times in the last 31 meetings between the two programs. That's a robust 16%! (.....the 31 games dates back to the second half of the 1991-1992 season).

Meanwhile, Dominic James hit 5 of his last 35 attempts from the field -- a shade over 14%.

Congratulations to DePaul! LOL

.....still, Advantage, Marquette.


**Edtiors note: this information was updated per a review of MU's media guide. Apologies for the erroneous information that previously apppeared.


Anonymous said...

DePaul is really a game that needs to be counted on as a win. If Lousville ever was written down as a sure W during the win streak it can be erased now that they're only a half game behind us.

Anonymous said...

Also, I'd be a little wary of DePaul. They beat Notre Dame (who, admittedly, seems to have stumbled) and they'll be in the mood to shut up all of us Chicago-area MU fans in the stands. I just home James turns his game around, otherwise this could wind up being a really tough week for MU.

Unknown said...

Hey, Can you put up the link on the right rail to the bracketology averaging site? I think you did this last year, and it was a lot of help/fun around this time of year. Thanks. You're doing a great job.

TB said...

Mark -- done.

thanks for the heads up!