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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Viva Las Vegas...Viva DWADE

I'm here in Las Vegas taking in the NBA ALL-Star game festitivies and this place is a zoo. I come to Vegas 3 times a year and have been here probably 50 times or more in my life and I have never seen it this crazy. My first clue should have been the flight from L.A. to Vegas yesterday afternoon as there had to be 15 young ladies that were being delivered to Vegas to render various entertainment "services". The scene here is Vegas on steroids which is hard to describe.

On the Dwyane Wade front, he is everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE in this town. There is a large Sidekick advertisement on the side of Mandalay Bay that I would estimate is 50 feet by 80 feet give or take. He is adorned in imagery on most of the pillars at our hotel as well as many of the others at MGM Grand, the Winn and the Monte Carlo.

Tonight's tickets to the skills competition feature Dwyane on the cover of the ticket (Steve Nash is on the cover of tomorrow's ticket for the actual game). Bumped into a few MU fans playing craps today as well...always a good time.

So far I've managed not to get killed which is a better fate then someone this morning. At 8:30am in front of our hotel there was a body covered right in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd...sad site. No confirmation if it was a drive by, hit and run or what it was.

It's like a hip-hop convention right now out here which has made for some great people watching. The energy is definitely flying high and the people are having a good time. Lots of folks sporting their "colors" with their favorite NBA team jerseys. I'd say Cleveland Cavs are the most I've seen with Kobe's Lakers jersey and then DWADE not far behind.

Last night the fine folks at the NBA had Elton John perform for us...tonight it's the TNT party and the Paris Hilton birthday party. Should be a wild affair.

Put my $$$ on MU to win tonight against Louisville. Mandalay was had Marquette -3. Let's hope we win...if we cover, great. Just need the win more than anything.

That's it from Vegas, I'll fill you in on any more DWADE phenomena if it happens.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE this blog, but what does this post really have to do with MU basketball? Elton John? Paris Hilton's birthday party? Come on!

donald said...

Wow, I'm jealous that you're out in Vegas! Must be a great time. Now that I'm living on the east coast, I think that the Big East Tournament should be held in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I believe the entry was about Dwyane Wade mostly. Didn't he attend Marquette?