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Monday, February 19, 2007

D. Wade singing show tunes in Vegas

I won't recap the game as I'm sure some of you saw it. Pretty boring with some nice dunks, but it was over before it started.

Some things you might have missed on the broadcast (not sure) were some in arena tributes and timeout teasers. The last few nights they have been doing a "guess who said this" or "guess who sang this" with some celebrity guessers. Last night was the singing variety and up on the jumbotron comes none other than Dwyane Wade who begins singing It's Not Unusual.

It was meant to be funny and certainly was as the performance was dreadful but playful. The crowd got a big kick out of it. The previous night Shaq had sung Danke Schoen with the crowd going nuts. If I can track down a copy I will, it was fairly entertaining.

That was about it. Apparently after the game more violence at the Wynn and the MGM Grand with shootings and fights. Not good. Three days in Vegas is plenty, glad to be home.

Did see a lot of NBA legends last evening that was cool. Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor. Some non-legends as well...Mitch Kupchak, Miles Simon, HotSauce.

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