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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

MU looks for 8th win in a row tonight

MU (rah-rah), already 20-4 on the season, aims to continue its fine play of late when it hosts the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (9-14, 2-8) at the Bradley Center this evening. Tipoff is scheduled for 7pm CST and will be 'broadcast' on ESPN360.

RU is struggling mightily this year under first year head coach Fred Hill. Hill, who was an assistant at MU during the Dukiet era, took over the program after serving as the program's top assistant. Despite their miserable record, RU does have talent. Sophomore forward JR Inman is a terrific player, leading the Scarlet Knights in rebounds while scoring more than 12ppg. Senior guard Marquis Webb is also in the mix - - and as a big, physical guard he stands to matchup well with Matthews and McNeal.

Regardless, you've gotta love MU's chances tonight given how well TC has the fellas playing. Its time to get pumped up for the game. Unfresh after a trip outta the country, tonight's game will help me rally.......and u know what -- methinks Karma is gonna be on MU's side once again tonight.

As defined by Wikipedia, "Karma is a concept in Hinduism which explains causality through a system where beneficial effects are derived from past beneficial actions and harmful effects from past harmful actions."

The source of today's good Karma? The Deli Guy around the corner......see, the Deli Guy went to Rice High School in NYC, and balled with Dean Meminger and Butch Lee as a kid. The Deli Guy still follows MU, and when I step into the deli I get the oh-so-great-greeting, "Hey Marquette!". I feel so, well, like Norm.

Today I got more than that -- "Hey Marquette....they are doing good this year. Lots of upsets." Advantage MU.

NFW will MU spit the bit on a night when the Deli Guy is on board.

Media Updates
Here's the MUScoop info sheet on tonight's tilt.

In case you missed it (I did, thanks to one of our readers for sending this ine), Jerel McNeal made Andy Katz' 'Weekly Watch'.

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Here's the MU preview.

Rosiak on a wary TC heading into tonight's game

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The Newark Star-Ledger on RU's progress and prep for tonight.


Anonymous said...

You may want to link Eric Silver's preview on the Marquettehoops site, as it is the best preview of the game out there.

TB said...

thanks, Eric


Unknown said...

any chance we can get the espn360 stream for tonights game? muscoop had a thread last time with a link to open in windows media player, and it would be great to watch this game!