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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Be Honest Now

In the spirit of journalistic integrity, I will tell you where Marquette stands in my brackets.

I filled out two tourney sheets, coughed up $25, and had Marquette beating Michigan St. twice...and North Carolina once. And that's it.

Any one take MU any farther? If so, I am in awe of you.

Unless, of course, you picked the Marquettes to go to the Final Four in a "friendly" pool for no money. That pool is no friend of mine.


MBRox said...

although i love the golden eagles, i fear they cannot beat Carolina on their home turf. i hope i am wrong.

Anonymous said...

I have the WARRIORS winning tonight and losing on Saturday. I hope I'm wrong (about Saturday).

I thought they'd lose to Missouri in 2003!!

Anonymous said...

Even at full strength and good shot selection and Fitz coming up big and Cube, we still lose by 5-10 against the heels on their court. I wish it were otherwise but they are just too deep. Unfortunately we don't have a "star" like DWade, Acie, Durant or Oden to take it home. wait till next year.

DBoyd said...

Elite 8. I know, I'm a homer. But what the hell, right? It only cost me $10. Winning over MSU, UNC, and USC/Texas (I did 2 sheets). I have a hunch McNeal will play more than expected, and DJ will finally ignore the 3-point line and concentrate on real scoring.

Gene Frenkle said...

I have MU beating MSU but losing to UNC in my one bracket.

Like fantasy sports, I can't do more than one bracket. It's too much, plus then I have games where I don't know who to pull for.

Obviously I hope I'm wrong about UNC but...those are the facts.

I do have G-town winning it all. I had them penciled in as a final four opponent all year and can't bail now. Texas vs. G-town could potentially be the game of the tourney should it occur. (unless MU spoils the fun of course)

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy??? I have them losing tonight. Although I thought they might at least score 20 points. What a disappointment.f