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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, March 02, 2007


Here's a rundown of Saturday's must-do items:

8am -- ESPN Gameday at the Bradley Center. It is free folks, so pack the house. The first 1,000 fans get one of these jolly golden t-shirts. MU will run shuttle buses from campus.

(after conclusion of Gameday .... commence with day-long party and inevitable liver abuse)

7pm -- enter the Bradley Center and put on the nifty 1977 blue commemorative t-shirt.

7:01 pm -- Suck in gut. Stand up straight, and try to locate Erin Andrews. If married, hide your wedding ring and maybe she'll meet you for a beer later.

8pm -- Yell like hell for the good guys as they take the court against the enemy.

9pm -- Honor the 1977 National Champions. Repeat. Honor the 1977 National Champions.

10pm -- Yell like hell for the good guys as they look to earn their 10th conference win.

10:01 pm - - Sit your butt down and watch the Senior Night ceremony. Enthusiastically cheer and for Jamil Lott, Mike Kinsella and Craig Kuphall. THANKS GUYS!

10:30 pm -- Resume partying and liver abuse while talking with buddies about how Erin Andrews will show up at the bar at any minute looking for you.

11:02pm -- The most recent conversation is stricken from your memory when you complete your first Jagerbomb.

***Can't make it to the game? Get with your local alums at one of the many National Marquette Day events around the country.


Kevin Buckley said...

Note: Those times are Eastern. If you show up at the BC at 9pm, you'll have missed the first half and have no one to blame but NYWarrior himself.

Shawn said...

Though I'm ardent Pitt fan and alum, I envy you and yours. Why? 'Cuz tommorow night yinz get to look at lil' Erin up close like. Lucky bastards.

TB said...

Updated, Hilltopper! All times are now CST!

Kevin Buckley said...

I'd like another edit.

10:01 - Sit your butt down and watch the Senior Night ceremony. Regardless of PT, these 3 kids are part of the team, and deserve your applause when it's their last game at the BC.