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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Big East Tournament Pool Results

426 Entrants this year from Big East fans on various message boards and blogs. That's a big jump from last year. Thank you all.

The results will be updated nightly (or early morning hours) under the Big East Flag on the right side rail.

The reports you will see when you go into that link break it down by current standings, projected standings, scenarios (who you want to cheer for to increase your chances of winning), etc. Should all be self explanitory.

The players are sorted by your nickname (no real names). Now, if you put your real name as your nickname, then that will show up.

Here are some of the tidbits of interest.

426 entrants
190 picked Georgetown to win it all
110 picked Louisville to win it all
48 picked Marquette to win it all
45 picked Pittsburgh to win it all

All other teams had 10 or less votes to win the entire tournament

76 of you picked DePaul over Nova. Sorry
73 of you picked the Huskies over the Orange. Not UCONN's year
15 of you picked the Redmen over the Warriors. Marquette prevailed

The most evenly picked first round game was WVU vs Providence. 272 for WVU while 154 for the Friars

For round 2, the Marquette vs Pittsburgh game is nearly a 50-50 proposition. 217 took Pitt, 209 took Marquette

Should be a fun day. Tip off in 30 minutes for day 2

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