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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Looks Like James McMahon touched the proverbial third rail

....and stirred the echoes of Warriors past. There are jinormous threads on the MU boards devoted to McMahon's 'recommendation' that a student should stop wearing a Native American headdress to MU basketball games. And now John McAdams is chronicling it all.

Want the capper? A grassroots group has emerged and pledged to wear headdresses to the game tonight -- if merely out of spite for McMahon's faux authority on this matter.

How ironic....by trying to muzzle this kid, McMahon might actually ensure that there is more Native American imagery in the crowd tonight than MU has seen in more than two decades. I am a 1991 graduate -- and I never saw Willie Wampum or any fan dressing in a headdress at a game. Tonight could be a first......time for TiVo.

Check these out:

....and now for the Big Kahuna -- McAdams picks MU apart right here. Follow the links through his multiple posts on his blog.


Anonymous said...

absolutely ridiculous! the kid should be able to wear the headress, especially since tonight we are honoring the 1977 WARRIORS. GO WARRIORS! BEAT PITTSBURGH!

Anonymous said...

McAdams is kind of an idiot, but he's right on this one. I remember going to the Great Midwest Tournament (remember THAT conference??) in Memphis in 1993 and four of us sitting near the front in our headdresses. The game sucked though, and we lost to St. Louis (which was their first conference win EVER at that point). We vowed never to do that again.

Go Warriors!!!!

Anonymous said...

You think this headdress situation is bad? I've heard this guy McMahon has threatened anybody talking about "scalping" tickets with expulsion!