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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Big East Official Bracket is out.

The 2007 Big East Tournament printable bracket is now available at http://www.bigeast.org/.

Two interesting observations:

First, the way the bracket has been set would seem to favor MU's chances at reaching the final game--MU has an excellent 5-2 record against teams in its own half of the bracket:
1-0 vs. WVU
2-0 vs. Pitt
1-1 vs. UL
1-1 vs. Providence
0-0 vs. St. Johns.

Luckily, MU doesn't have to play in the other side--where the team sports an aggregate record of just 2-4:
0-1 vs. DePaul
0-1 vs. Syracuse
0-1 vs. Notre Dame
0-1 vs. Georgetown
1-0 vs. UConn
1-0 vs. Villanova

The other interesting coincidence: the three mirror teams--Pitt, UL and Providence--all fall in MU's half of the bracket. To reach the finals, MU will first face a team that it didn't face at all, then possibly two more teams for the third time this season each.

Had WVU and MU been in reversed seeds, then MU would have been on a path that would have entailed three straight games against its mirror opponents.

UPDATE: MU's record against Georgetown was added to the other side of the bracket.

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Anonymous said...

beating a team three times in a row is quite a chore. at least that is what conventional wisdom would indicate. I hope MU has that opportunity on Thursday night.

nice anaylsis on the brackets, thanks