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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gear up to watch MU in the NCAA tournament

A resource for those of you out of market fans that plan on watching the NCAA tournament this year with Marquette in the Big Dance. DIRECTV and CBS announced a four year exclusive extension to the NCAA Mega March Madness package last month. If you live in Milwaukee or Chicago, likely you will see MU. If you live elsewhere, you never know. There is a solution...actually several.

“From its inception, exclusive sports programming has set DirecTV apart as the leading multichannel provider of the world’s most important and exciting sporting events,” CEO Chase Carey said in a prepared statement. “The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is one of those unique events that capture the attention of sports fans throughout the country, and DirecTV will bring our customers every upset, buzzer-beater and Cinderella story.”

MultiChannel News Story

The NCAA Mega March Madness package carries up to the first 37 games of the tournament (games through the 3rd round) and is priced at $69 and includes HD games as well as Mix Channel that allows you to watch up to 4 games at one time. Subscribers with interactive receivers can also utilize an interactive bracket to follow all of the action of your picks as they are updated in real time.

For complete details go here to www.directv.com/mmm

CBS will also broadcast games online for free again this year. If you don't mind watching games on your computer screen and you have a very fast connection, then this could be a solution for you. Be aware, last year CBS' viewers had to wait more than 1 hour on a waiting list to watch a game on Thursday due to demand. They are requiring a pre-registration. CBS has indicated they have doubled capacity this year so we will see if that helps. It is free, hard to complain about performance when it is free.

Milwaukee fans remain in great shape with Time Warner Cable as they are one of the few DMAs in the country that is allowed to multicast the tournament on their system. Detroit, Raleigh, Washington D.C. and a handful of smaller markets are also allowed to do this.

Take Thursday and Friday off...should be a national holiday for hoops fans anyway.


Anonymous said...


Also don't forget about March Madness On Demand. It's free, and you can watch any game live that isn't already being televised where you are.

Anonymous said...

Holy cripes -- when did this blog start selling advertising to DirectTV?

I came here today to read about the game and the top story is this?

How about a little discretion?

Kevin Buckley said...

Ah, quality commentary thru anonymity. Always helpful.

.. I would say that in Milwaukee, I've always been really pleased with CBS58 and Time Warner broadcasting all 4 feeds on their digital tier. True, they do break away from blow out games, but you usually see most of all games.

muwarrior92 said...

You should have come by sooner, the top story was MU's win last night for the last 18 hours. It's a blog, things continue to change.

Milwaukee is one of the few markets that has what is called "multicast" rights which allows them to broadcast the NCAA tournament games on their digital tier. Something that Time Warner provides.

The online version at CBS Sportsline is free...note that last year in round one their waiting list was over 1 hour to watch a game due to the size of the waiting list. This year they have stated they will improve on that performance....it's free so no one should complain. You get what you pay for.

muwarrior92 said...

No one is selling advertising here, it's a blog with thousands of great visitors, many of which want to know how to follow MU during the NCAA tournament.

Anonymous said...

five posts in one day about MU hoops and how to watch them play in March.

Thanks as always for keeping me informed. This blog is a must!

TB said...

Isn't it funny how Bold Mr. Anonymous failed to offer that same commentary when we encouraged readers to consider purchasing the MU media guides. Or when we encouraged folks to buy tix to the MU game at DePaul. Or when we let readers know about Kevin McNamara's new book.

Where was the outrage on those occassions?

Kevin Buckley said...

Or the mother of all, the Cracked Sidewalks Christmas gift guide.