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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Marquette offers 6-11 center Maurice Sutton

Per this blog at the Washington Post, Tom Crean has offered a scholarship to 6-11, 190-pound Maurice Sutton of Largo High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. As a junior Sutton averaged 12 points, nine boards, and five blocks per game.

Marquette is the first program to offer Sutton a scholarship. The big fella has attracted attention from Kentucky, UVa, NCSU, UNC and Maryland as well. Led by Sutton, Largo enjoyed a tremendous height advantage against many of its opponents this past season.

Here is an article about Largo's final game of the 06-07 season
, a loss in the 3A state semifinals. This report confirms the Marquette offer.


Anonymous said...

Great, I hope they can close the deal. MU can definitely use some size inside. Hopefully he'll put on some weight before playing in the Big East.

Anonymous said...

6'11'' 190!!! Thats skin and bones! And not what we need at all, a lanky big man. Well just keep getting dominated inside.

TB said...

blah blah blah

Sutton won't be on a college campus for about 18 more months....my bet is he's 215 as a freshman - - maybe more.

he's just a kid, it takes time

Anonymous said...

He is listed as 6'9" in one report...

Anonymous said...

Would it be an NCAA violation to send him a few hamburgers in the mail?

Anonymous said...

Guys, look at the size of many Centers in High School their junior years, and many are 190 to 200lbs.

Some of you guys expect Shaq to walk off a high school campus. In fact, look at Shaq in high school vs today, it's about a 140lb difference