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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, March 09, 2007

Marquette chicks know hoops

This is great....Ray Floriani, a freelance basketball writer who often reports for Basketball Times and on Hoopville.net, penned a quick review of the opening night of the Big East. As you'll see, Ray gives fans 'pop quizes' on their basketball knowledge. Let's just say MU passed with flying colors while others failed miserably:

Marquette cheerleaders and dance teams know their school's history. Several recent DePaul grads I spoke with had no idea who George Mikan was. When I asked sophomore Biana Pallotto who Al McGuire was, the Marquette cheerleader replied, "He was a legend. His name is on our court and he put Marquette basketball on the map." That reply was "top shelf" as the late McGuire would say.
Ray will be at MSG tonight covering the Big East semis....look for coverage on Hoopville.net.

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Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that MU women know their MU basketball. That is one of the many reasons I married my wife. However, I think it is a little unfair to compare having knowledge about Al to having knowledge about George Mikan. Nonetheless, MU is far superior to DePaul when it comes to its basketball history. This may explain why we have T. Crean as our coach and not Jerry Wainwright.