"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I predict .. 2007-08

Ok, a few days have gone by, we're all still licking our wounds. Time to talk about the future.

Inspired by this thread on MUScoop, I have some predictions for next year. Most are just speculation from a guy who is dreaming of Midnight Madness 206 days away. Some predictions are locks, others not so much.

  1. I predict ...DJ will be on the team next year. And the "shooting slump" will be a distant memory. I predict he'll be better than he was Freshman year, and stay all 4 years at Marquette and be an Academic All-American.

  2. I predict one guy will leave the team, and one incoming recruit will not arrive.

  3. I predict Mr. Basketball Scott Christopherson will not red shirt.

  4. I predict TC will sign a juco guy this summer. For grins and chuckles only.

  5. Last year, Marquette basketball fans raised over $1,300 for Al's Run. I predict we double that number next year.

  6. We'll start the pre-season ranked about 15th.

  7. I predict Mo Acker will be a fantastic addition to the team. I predict we'll sneak him on the court as a 6th man, being so short, no refs notice. -- But seriously, Mo will be a difference maker next year. Great defender, great 3 point shot, lightening quick.

  8. There'll be a bobblehead next year. I'll guess Jim McIllvane .. or maybe Al McGuire? My vote is for Joe Chapman. And I'm thinking the George Thompson bobblehead is two years away. Scratch that. The bobblehead will be Hank Raymonds.

  9. Oh, who am I kidding. There'll be another D. Wade bobblehead, belt buckle, voodoo doll, keychain, snowglobe, and/or t-shirt giveaway. "Wade Bucks," spendable at the concession stands, will drop from the Bradley Center ceiling.

  10. I'll predict a Lazar Laser Pointer night giveaway .. hmm .. given out after the game.

  11. And someone else's number will be retired. Tony Smith is due.

  12. I predict none of the incoming players will have 3, 11, 14, 15, 20, 24, 41, 43, 44, or 77 as their jersey number. For sure. No doubt about it.

  13. The Jesse White Tumblers will play half time this year. And those inflatable zoo animal guys. Can't remember what they were called. Zooropa or something? They'll be back.

  14. Freeway will be found in a cave near Tora Bora, talking with OBL about the Bucks' chances this year. Where art thou, Freeway?

  15. MU will have its 3rd annual Haunted Hoops scrimmage again.

  16. I'll guess Robert Jackson is some sort of assistant coach next year. I'll predict there'll be some interest for Todd Townsend at another program. Pure speculation, but he needs exposure to another system. Double-T was my favorite player years ago. All the other assistants will stay.

  17. I'll predict our OOC home schedule contains more high interest games than last year's, including homers against UWM and UWGB and a mystery team. Izzo now owes Crean, so maybe MSU will come to the BC gratis? Added to 9 BE home games, the season ticket holders will be happier with the value.

  18. I predict one of the OOC homers is against NDSU so we can get some payback.

  19. I also predict there'll be a lot of complaints about the reseating process for season ticket holders, since it was announced it will be held at the Al, and not the Bradley Center where people can sit down and start their personal ass-groove.

  20. I predict after 11 years of going to the Bradley Center, I will finally get on the jumbotron next season. Come on. My kid is very cute.

  21. I'll predict we win the Maui Invitational in November .. but lose to UW in Madison, extending their streak, and that Christmas will be canceled (again) because of the loss.

  22. I predict 1290/1510AM will boost their power output. Or an angry mob will burn down their antenna tower. One or the other, not sure which.

  23. OH! I know. I predict "Antenna Night Giveaway" where all in attendance at the Bradley Center will receive a powerful AM radio antenna so they can listen to the post-game as they drive home.

  24. And speaking of media, I predict there'll be a lot of complaints about ESPN's contract with the Big East. While every game will be "broadcast," a great number of games will be on ESPNU (satellite only) and herky-jerky ESPN360, which few receive.

  25. I'll predict on a post-game show, Crean will say the crowd at the Bradley Center was phenomenal.

  26. I predict the student section, after half don't show up for a "lesser" game, will be demoted to the "9th best Student Section in the Country."

  27. I predict Marquette will stop giving Allen-Edmonds prizes to fans who aren't wearing gold to the game. (Hint, hint, if you guys are listening, this is a good idea.)

  28. I predict one game there'll be an announcement that the crowd is the biggest in Wisconsin history, beating the record by 1. It happens every year.

  29. I predict Tom Crean will invite the Cracked Sidewalks team on a road game trip. (cough)

  30. I'll predict no hand or wrist injuries to anyone on the team. There'll be a concussion or two, of course. There always is.

  31. I predict we'll go 12-6 in the Big East. (Yes, that adds up to 18 games. Dwell on that for a moment.) 18 BE games, Maui (Arizona State - Duke - Illinois - LSU - Oklahoma State - Princeton - Chaminade), UW, UWM. Nice.

  32. We'll get a better seed next year in the NCAAs, like a #3-4, win 1 game and lose in the 2nd round -- and that one of those games will be against another of Coach Crean's buddies, prompting 2,000 more stories about how tough it is to play against a friend.

Whew! Feel free to add more predictions in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff -- as for Wade promotions...how about "Wade-ing boots" for the fly fishermen among the Warrior faithful!?

Anonymous said...

A big "amen" on Tony Smith. Honestly, if there was mutual interest, I wish we could get him more involved with the program as an assistant coach. I guess he is viewed as near legendary status in the local hoops scene, and keeping him around may prevent the Jerry Smith's and Korie Lucious types from looking elsewhere.

Gene Frenkle said...

I predict a lot more cowbell.

Anonymous said...

I predict less cowbell.

.. Tony Smith does hang around the program. He was a grad. assistant until .. last December? .. but he's still around. IIRC, he called at least one Lady Warrior game on TV just a month ago.

Anonymous said...

So, who's most likely to transfer?

Anonymous said...

Tony Smith had a great pull up jump shot. It would be awsome if he could teach that to Matthews and McNeil. There would be a lot less turnovers if they would occasionaly pull up and shoot when nothing is there.

Gene Frenkle said...

Question - what are MUs options towards getting down to the allowed number of scholarships? I think the only options are a) someone transfers, b) a player decides not to arrive, or c) someone's redshirted. Any others?

Anonymous said...

Redshirts still take up a schollie.

The other mystery option that's been talked about is if the NCAA allowed some form of additional schollie each year. That's a long shot.

I have no worries about the slots for next year.

Anonymous said...

What's Blackledge's academic status? If he flunks out, that opens up a spot....

Anonymous said...

You forgot #31. That one won't be issued either.

Anonymous said...

How about some women's predictions, hey?

In case anyone was curious about how other Wisconsin female basketball playing brethren fared in the madness on the weekend... here's an amusing clip about UWGB's game "vs" (at) UConn:

UWGB led UConn at half. "That was, without question, without a doubt, the most inspirational half of basketball I've ever witnessed in my life," coach Borseth said. But as he went to the lockerroom, he wondered whether his team could sustain the energy for another 20 minutes.

They couldn't.

The Huskies won the second half by 26. All five starters ended in double figures.

"I was really impressed from what I saw tonight from Wisconsin-Green Bay," Geno said. "The thing that bothered me was they came in here and tried to run it right down our throats. Who the hell do they think they are? I think it really sent kind of an alarm bell for our kids."


Geno, what a character. hope we can play them at home again next year :/

Unknown said...

That was great, That post will be printed and posted on my cubicle until tip off at midnight madness!!

Anonymous said...

I inspired you!

I'm deeply touched!

You made my day! =)

Now, I predict ten to fourteen of your predictions WILL take place!

Unknown said...

25 Offensive Rebounds! First time be block 'em, we get called for a damn block-out.....or pushing people.